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“Why did we build a new gallery?.”

Having access to art is one of the most important elements for any person in the world. Since the dawn of civilization, we as a people found inspiration and exaltation in different works of art and today is no different. But, in the world of the digital media and a process in which individuals take more and more to themselves, isolating their existence, we believe that it is more necessary than ever to have physical places where art is shown.

That is the main reason why we built a new art gallery. With this space dedicated to the arts, we hope to provide people a chance to enjoy and perceive art in the most basic and fundamental way – by being close to it. This physical closeness is what allows anyone who visits a gallery to encounter that sense of wonder and jubilation which are so precious. Here, artists and art lovers can get a chance to share a space that was dedicated solely to them and the thing they share, which is a deep appreciation for art.

We built a new state of the art gallery so anyone who cherishes human creativity can have a place where they can bask in this incredible feeling of experiencing art.   It has fabulous lighting system for all the rooms.  We hope that others will be mesmerized by it as much as we are.  We also added a new cooling system and brand new heating for the hard winters.  Please contact us today to come visit!

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